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  • Another Golden Girl Passes :(

    Posted by AJ

    Rue McClanahan who played Blanche Deveraux died early on Thursday morning at 76.     CLICK HERE


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    A new study showed, married couples fight more in the warmer weather...and this is the #1 reason why.  What is it?

    -Looking at other women

  • Sad if it's true!

    Posted by AJ

    Rumors are going around that the "Pants on the Ground Guy" has died.  Nothing confirmed.

    Story HERE

  • Ultimate Belly Flop

    Posted by AJ

    Summer is here! (Don't try this at home)


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  • All About Idol

    Posted by AJ

    Somebody leaked it on the internet that Bret was the big surprise before the Idol finale started...but it was still cool.  Still kinda' looks Bret's in pain...but he toughed it out...AWESOME!


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  • Naughty Man Jesse James

    Posted by AJ

    Sound off on Jesse James at the bottom of this post.  Does it looks like he's holding back a laugh the whole time?


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  • Bret Michaels Looks Good!

    Posted by AJ

    Amazing recovery!  Think he'll win Celebrity Apprentice this Sunday?  Vote at the bottom of this post.


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  • Goatee...or NO Goatee?

    Posted by AJ

    No Goatee?  Or......

    Goatee?  Vote or comment on the bottom of this post.


    Flash-mob wedding proposal.


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