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  • Lindsay Lohan is Out of Jail (If You Care)

    Posted by AJ

    Why she was "released" early and more HERE

    My AWESOME camera phone (4 years old) took this pic over the weekend.  If you can't see it, it says "South Miami".  My pale skin LOVED South Beach...and I was in good company.

  • Ouch

    Posted by AJ

    Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) from "Saved By The Bell" is 38 today.  Not sure how I ever thought this show was cool.  See how far you can make it through this scene.


    Her first wax.  No thanks.


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  • Ewwwww

    Posted by AJ



    ***Facebook posts that have gotten people fired CLICK HERE

    ***How to not be a boring person CLICK ME

  • Lunch?

    Posted by AJ

    Saw this beatle on a bike ride last night.  At least I think it's a beatle.  It was about the size of my thumb (so this is life size!)

    I was feeling daring...so I got closer.

  • The NEW Rainbow Video

    Posted by AJ

    Got a chance to make my OWN rainbow video over the weekend.  (See below for the original rainbow video)

  • He REALLY loves Rainbows

    Posted by AJ

    I bet you've never been this excited to see a rainbow.  Wow.  Make sure to listen after the 2 minute mark.