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  • Waaaaaaaaa!

    Posted by AJ

    I had the same reaction on my birthday last year!


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  • Yeah, he's got game

    Posted by AJ

    Pretty sure he needs new game.

    The snack alarm...just make the bag REALLY annoying.


    ***Hairy chests are in CLICK HERE

  • Yikes!

    Posted by AJ

    Saving Abel in front 200,000 people sing the National Anthem.  Vote in the comment section below.


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  • Denied...(SAD)

    Posted by AJ


    Always fun to people watch at Wal-Mart.


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    ***George Clooney and the "ring" HERE

  • I want my Nuggets!

    Posted by AJ

    Lady freaks out that Chicken McNuggets aren't on the breakfast menu.  Read about the full story HERE

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  • Awkward?

    Posted by AJ

    As much as weather forecasts can be boring, this might have made it way worse.  A for effort though!

    This just made me laugh out loud...LOL!


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  • Woman VS Reindeer

    Posted by AJ

    Hit 'em up Britney!

    If get through this entire video, you are WAY too big of a Star Wars fan.

    Woman gets kidnapped by a reindeer.

  • Ever See a News Report Like This?

    Posted by AJ

    This just speaks for itself.

    Sad thing is...this will probably happen.


    ***Enrique gets naked on water skiis.  (Terrible quality...sorry ladies)

  • Keep Kids "Quiet" in the Car!

    Posted by AJ

    My mom would have loved to know this when I was that age!


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