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  • Paris is GUILTY

    Posted by AJ

    Will she go to jail again...mmm...I say yes.


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  • What store did it come from?

    Posted by AJ

    Can you guess what store I got a Giant Cupcake maker and jumper cables at?  Not Wal-mart.  Not a dollar store.  Guess in the comment section below and win.

    Do you think I had anything to do with the making of this Apple pie?  (A little)


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  • Hot Tub Hunting

    Posted by AJ

    Got some friends going hunting this weekend.  It's not for me, but if it included my own hot tub...maybe.


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  • Snap This!

    Posted by AJ

    One thing I can't do is snap.  My fingers don't work like that.


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  • Oh That's Good (Bad)

    Posted by AJ

    Thank goodness our favorite team never did anything like this.  Wonder if these players realize the public still has access to this.  I feel better about my senior picture now.


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  • YIKES!

    Posted by AJ

    Ever had anything "close" to this happen?


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  • See if you can pass the test

    Posted by AJ

    I failed.  Comment on the bottom of this post if you passed to make me feel bad.


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  • Paper Clip for a House

    Posted by AJ

    You'll look at paperclips in a whole new way now.


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  • Tiger's Wife Speaks!

    Posted by AJ

    How do they come up with these horse names?  Make sure to watch (or skip to the end of the race)

    Can your dog do this?  I bet not.


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