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  • I'm Gonna' Try This...nah, forget it

    Posted by AJ

    Too much time on his hands...but still kinda' cool.  I watched the whole thing.

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  • Brett Reacts

    Posted by AJ

    Brett Favre's reaction to THIS story.


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  • Yo 50...who's your boo?

    Posted by AJ

    Here's what 50 had to "say" about it.  More HERE


    Ah...why not.  Still want this car...love the close up at the end.


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  • Ummm...wow

    Posted by AJ

    You might feel better about your geographical knowledge after this.


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  • A little scary/entertaining

    Posted by AJ

    I might be a little nervous about what the pilots do during this flight.

    You might loose your man card if you do this to your dog.  It's the ladies that dress up the animals, right?

  • Really want your first tattoo?

    Posted by AJ

    I was thinking about a tattoo...but...now...ummm...well...does it hurt THAT bad?



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  • Wisdom Teeth Funny?

    Posted by AJ

    Ever had your Wisdom teeth removed?  Was it THIS bad?


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  • WOW

    Posted by AJ

    Halloween custume idea?

  • Joaquin Apologizes

    Posted by AJ

    He's "normal" again!


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