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  • Kid's Costumes

    Posted by AJ

    Some good...some...ummm...but they will still get the loot.


    ***Deanna Favre was on Good Morning America this morning CLICK HERE

    ***"Big" celebrity marriage happending this weekend CLICK ME


    Wednesday's T.A.T.

    They used to be big sellers, but research shows they may be gone soon.  What are they?



    Wednesday's Bonus Question

    Snoop just had a birthday...what was his famous "izzle" catch phrase?

  • Another Walk-Off

    Posted by AJ

    Turn up the volume and don't watch the video.  Sounds like spooky Halloween sounds.

    ANOTHER person walk off The View! (Stephen Colbert) He breaks character at the end talking about his family.


    ***Obsolete jobs CLICK HERE

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  • Make Me Laugh

    Posted by AJ

    Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”  and a Sesame Street Hair-Appreciation Video mash-up.


    ***Here' how much Elin got from Tiger CLICK ME

    ***Mel Gibson in "The Hangover 2"? CLICK HERE

    ***Brett Favre meeting behond closed doors with NFL today CLICK THIS

  • He's got Skills!

    Posted by AJ

    Doens't matter if you're not a Michigan fan...this is cool.  Especially at 2:53 when you start to hear the crowd cheer.


    If coughing bothers her, maybe that's why she doesn't like be married anymore?

    Story on the split HERE

  • Looks Like Fun!

    Posted by AJ

    I would totally do this for some extra ca$h.


    ***Katy Perry and Russell Brand doing THIS for their wedding...'cause they can

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  • Antoine!

    Posted by AJ

    Remember this guy? (If not see below...he bought a new house for his family)

    Read more HERE