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  • Why Alec why?

    Posted by AJ

    Does he need ca$h?

    Arnold is coming back to the movies...because he's good at screaming.


    According to a poll, 22% of Americans included this on their list of things to do in 2010?  What is it?

    -Learn to play a musical instrument

  • Mel's ex speaks!

    Posted by AJ

    I bet those security guards feel cooooooool.


    ***Tony Parker sent texts to another woman for a year!  Poor Eva CLICK HERE

    ***Looks like marriage is becoming obsolete CLICK ME

    ***Mel Gibson's ex talks to Larry King CLICK THIS


    A typical American spends 95% of thier day doing this.  What is it?

    -Sitting down

  • Look out for the flying toast!

    Posted by AJ

    What's wrong with the food at Denny's?  Sheesh.  (F.Y.I. the brawl went down on Halloween)


    ***Wisconsin man shoots T.V. over Dancing with the Stars CLICK ME

    ***The latest on Eva Longoria and Tony Parker...not good CLICK THIS


    Research shows men neglect this after the age of 30.  For women, it's just the opposite.  What is it?

    -Their friends

  • Jon Likes Noodles

    Posted by AJ

    Bon Jovi is nominated for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.  Wonder if they'll play this clip of the band singing in Japanese for a noodle commercial at the ceremony.

    Cat vs. Alligator.  Place your bets.

  • Parent Life Saver!

    Posted by AJ

    Wonder if my mom ever tried that with me.  I love Bob Marley.


    Can you beat this proposal?


    ***25 things you wish you knew before turning 25 CLICK ME


    The 10 most inappropriate places to flirt...according to a recent survey.  Here's the top 3.  #3 A funeral, #2 the gym and #1...

    -Hospital waiting room

  • Disney BOO! ??

    Posted by AJ

    What would you do if you were the parent?


    ***Conan is back...rips NBS CLICK HERE

    ***Things you should not do at the gym CLICK HERE


    29% of American's don't have a single one of these...even though there are 600 million of them.  What are they?

    -Credit cards

  • Oh No!

    Posted by AJ

    Looks like he did it on purpose.

    National Unfriend Day!


    ***Look who's engaged CLICK ME

    ***What would you say if you knew it was your last chance?  CLICK HERE


    When it comes to wedding proposals, 16% of Americans have done this.  What is it?

    -Proposed over the phone!

  • Don't do this...seriously

    Posted by AJ



    ***Bret Michaels affair rumors...with Miley's mom?  CLICK ME

    ***Russell Brand is a what?  CLICK HERE

    ***Facebook knows when you will break up CLICK THIS


    Research shows that 73% of people who own this...don't use it.  What is it?

    -A piano

  • Crime Solved!

    Posted by AJ



    ***She's a diva? CLICK HERE

    ***Annoying things couples do CLICK ME


    Supermarket employees say that the sales of these two items skyrocketed the week before Halloween.  What are they?

    -Toilet paper and eggs