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  • Now Katy perry is HOT!

    Posted by AJ

    Probably just a frog in her throat.


    Out of 1,000 people surveyed, this was the #1 thing on their bucket list.  What is it?

    -Drive a race car

  • Love Live T.V.!!!

    Posted by AJ

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm...let's go to a break.

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    ***Another celeb headed to jail...not drug related CLICK THIS

  • Tree Jumpers

    Posted by AJ

    I never get sick of this one.  (We do not recommend this kind of behavior...although, it might be fun and great video)

    Susan Boyle gets a "frog in the throat" and stops singing on live T.V.  (BTW, I love when people upload You Tube videos of them filming their T.V.)

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  • Great Christmas Gift!

    Posted by AJ

    Why do I want this?

    Will this person make it?  Winter driving can be fun...kinda'.


    Only 36% of American's have ever used one of these.  What is it?

    -A rotary phone

  • My First Turkey

    Posted by AJ

    Carving my first turkey.  Pulling the insides out was fun with my sister going, "Ewww!"

  • This could be the best SNL host ever!

    Posted by AJ

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    A hotel chain conducted a survey asking people what musicians and/or bands were most likely to but them to sleep.  Who came in first?


  • Turkey Day Prank!

    Posted by AJ

    The woman thinks the turkey she cooked is pregnant, but she doesn't know that her husband stuffed a Cornish game hen inside before she put it in the oven.  Feel free to steal the idea.

    Keenan has new moves!


    20% of American families say they will cut back on this on Thanksgiving by doing this.  What is it?

    -Not inviting anyone over