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  • The Giant Melting Cupcake

    Posted by AJ

    This is one of those giant cupcakes.  The crazy candles didn't work out too well...but it was deeeelicious!  My girlfriend made the cake, and I blew out the candles and drank the wine...I mean apple juice.  Great birthday!  Can you spot the DVD in the background, and what movie is it?

  • The MAN Tree!

    Posted by AJ

    This is waaaaaay better than the "Beer Bottle Tree". 

    ***VIDEO of the fight at Hulk Hogan's wedding!  CLICK HERE


    17% of people will make sure they do this before getting together with their family for the holidays.  What is it?

    -Cover their tattoos

  • Me In the Cold...

    Posted by AJ

    Had off Monday...wasn't really thinking about the weather here.  Or when I did, I laughed.  This was taken Sunday, December 12th.

  • Should They Be Fired?

    Posted by AJ

    This Illinois bus driver was fired after this hit You Tube.  Agree or disagree?

  • Watch Out for the Helicopter!

    Posted by AJ

    ...just make sure a helicopter isn't watching.


    According to a recent survey, 47% of women admit they base their first impression of OTHER women on this.  What?

    -Their shoes

  • Michael is BACK

    Posted by AJ

    Michael Jackson featuring Akon "Hold My Hand".  MJ's new album is out Dec. 14th


    A recent study revealed 25% of American women say this is definitely smaller this year.  What is it?

    -Their Christmas gift list

  • What Would You Do?

    Posted by AJ

    Well...I once called a woman a man in front of a few hundred people, but this might be worse.


    The average person uses 4 of these per day.  What?


  • Is this real?

    Posted by AJ

    If you've EVER had to watch a training video, you might like this.

  • Hot or Not?

    Posted by AJ

    I don't see the attraction.  Can some guys pull off the boat shoes, or wrong just in general?