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  • Congratulations If You Bought "50 Shades Of Grey"...

    Posted by AJ

    The "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy by EL James sold more than 70 million copies in print, ebook, and audio formats.

    That makes it the fastest-selling series in Random House history and one of the fastest for any publisher ever.

    (The No. 2 best-seller for the company in 2012 was "Gone Girl", which sold 2 million copies in various formats.)

    Half of "Fifty Shades" sales were in the ebook format, perhaps because readers could carry it around without risk of nosy people knowing the title.

    BTW: The numbers are still nowhere near 'Harry Potter's. That seven-book series has sold more than 450 million copies around the world, a figure that does not include ebooks.

    Still, "Fifty Shades" helped Random House's operating profit surge 75% in a struggling industry.

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  • VIDEO: Man Gets Stuck On Ride...

    Posted by AJ

    A disabled man was awarded $8,000 by Disneyland after the It's A Small World ride broke, stranding him for 30 minutes while the theme song played on a loop.

    His lawyer says the man was the only passenger not rescued when the ride broke down, and Disney staffers didn't call the fire department to free him.

    The ride's 'song' could not be turned off the entire time he was stuck.

    The lawyer claims the man uses a wheelchair, suffers from panic attacks and high blood pressure, and needed to urinate for much of the time he was stranded on the popular ride.

    Helf the award ordered is for pain and suffering, and the other half for disability law violations.

  • Best Wedding Deal Ever?

    Posted by AJ

    An online business buys and sells canceled weddings.

    Bridal Brokerage launched in the summer of 2012… the founder thought of the idea after talking to a friend who was part of a canceled destination wedding.

    The Chief Marketing Officer explains: "When somebody goes and cancels a wedding, they've usually spent a whole lot of money on deposits and pre-payments and before Bridal Brokerage launched, they were just losing all of that money".  

    The company "found that new couples might be willing to take over those deposits and then pick up the balance of the contract and purchase the rights to these beautiful pre-planned weddings at a fraction of the cost."

    The business has a database of more than 2,500 interested buyers looking to purchase a wedding for a bargain.


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  • Overweight People Might Have To Pay More...

    Posted by AJ

    An expert says airlines should charge obese travelers more because their extra weight burns more fuel.

    He claims there should be a "fat tax" because every extra pound means more expensive jet fuel must be burned, which leads to CO2 emissions and financial cost.

    He adds that charging according to weight and space is a accepted principle, not only in transportation but also in other services.

    Is it even legal to SAY something like that?

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  • Wanna' Get a Song Out Of Your Head? DO THIS!

    Posted by AJ

    According to a new study… Doing verbal puzzles can get songs out of your head

    Researchers played catchy pop songs like "Call Me Maybe" to people and then gave them puzzles to test. 

    They found that anagrams worked best at getting the songs out of people's heads with five letter puzzles being the most successful.   

    And... while Sudoku puzzles could help stop the annoying tunes getting stuck, if they were too difficult, they had little effect.

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  • This Is More Popular In The Bedroom Than T.V....

    Posted by AJ

    More people now use their tablet or smartphone in the bedroom for late-night video viewing instead of on the TV.

    Motorola Mobility surveyed 9,500 people in 17 countries and found that people "are watching an enormous amount of video, in some surprising ways, in unexpected places."

    46% watched video on their smartphones in the master bedroom and 41% said they've done so on tablets. That's compared with 36% who said they watch TV while, or after, hitting the sack.

    The number of hours people said they watch TV every week has almost doubled in two years from 10 hours in 2011 to 19 hours this year.

    The United States leads all countries in viewing with 23 hours of TV and six hours of movies per week.

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  • Finally Revealed! How Astrounauts Pee In Space...

    Posted by AJ

    Former International Space Station commander Suni Williams has lifted the lid on how astronauts go to the toilet in space.

    Captain Williams holds the record for the longest space flight by a woman at 195 days. She says the toilet has different colored containers for number one, and number two.

    Pointing out the place for number two, she says, "You see it's pretty small and you have to have pretty good aim, and be ready to make sure things get let go in the right direction."

    The units for both liquid and solid wastes have suction "to keep things going in the right direction."

    She also shared that there's a selection of paper to choose from, including a soft kind for U.S. astronauts and a coarser, rough variety preferred by the Russians.

    She says the crew are provided with gloves, diapers and disinfectant wipes, "in case things really get out of control," and adds that "The number one stuff can get really all over the place if you don't aim correctly."


    ** By the way, current space station commander Chris Hadfield revealed that astronauts on space walks use special 'absorbent undergarments' if overcome by a call of nature during a space walk.

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  • WOW. Guys Sees Military Sticker On Woman's Car And...

    Posted by AJ

    A woman found an envelope taped to her car.

    Inside was $40 in cash and a note that said: "I noticed the sticker on your car. Take your hero out to dinner when he comes home. Thank you both for serving: him deployed and you for waiting."

    The note was signed "United States Veteran" and "God Bless".

    The woman was so touched she snapped a picture of it - and it has since gone viral on Facebook.

    After sharing the picture with her deployed boyfriend, he said he was also touched and intended to pay the kindness forward.

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  • Why You Should NEVER Tell Cashiers Your Zip Code

    Posted by AJ

    Giving your zip code to a cashier could lead to you getting more junk mail and marketing calls. 

    A consumer watchdog says most shoppers believe the zip is needed to complete credit card transactions but it is irrelevant when making in-store purchases.

    They say stores use the zip to combine with addresses, phone numbers so other specific details can be traced. This information is then added to a database or shared with third parties.

    They use that info to send junk mail.... and make marketing calls.

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  • Things You're Only Good At When You're Drunk...

    Posted by AJ

    Maybe some of these applied last weekend on St. Patrick's Day?

    1. Socializing with others.

    2. Dancing.

    3. Playing pool or darts.

    4. Sending bold if inadvisable text messages.

    5. Thinking it's a good idea to trim my own bangs.

    6. Eating all the mac and cheese.

    7. Booty calling.

    8. Telling my boyfriend I hope he finds love after I'm dead.

    9. Google stalking.

    10. Releasing all remaining sexual inhibitions.

    11. Getting mad at people who haven't done anything wrong.

    12. Napping.

    13. Making bawdy, off-color jokes.

    14. Composing long, heart-felt emails to people I have unfinished business with.

    15. Karaoke.

    16. Making the first move.

    17. Scrubbing the kitchen floor.

    18. Crying in public.




  • Pop Culture Things Turning 30!

    Posted by AJ


    McDonald's executive chef Rene Arend created the Chicken McNugget way back in 1979, but it wasn't available in McDonald's restaurants nationwide until 1983 because there simply wasn't enough processed chicken to go around.

    2. D.A.R.E.
    Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) was established to teach school kids to avoid drugs, gangs, and violence.

    The Swatch Watch was introduced in March, putting a decidedly '80s twist on classic Swiss craftsmanship.

    On January 1, 1983, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) switched its networking technology to TCP/IP, arguably marking the moment that the modern "Internet" came into being.

    The year 1983 saw the first full-length album from "Weird Al" Yankovic. His self-titled debut featured "I Love Rocky Road" (a parody of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n Roll").

    Michael Jackson introduced his signature "moonwalk" dance move during the TV special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever.

    7. PLINKO
    On January 3, 1983, the game show The Price is Right introduced its now-classic game Plinko.

    NBC premiered the show Mama's Family starring Vicki Lawrence. NBC canceled the series in May 1984, but the show continued to produce new episodes through 1990 for syndication.

    Return of the Jedi was the conclusion to the original trilogy of Star Wars films. It introduced Ewoks, a second Death Star, and gave us a peek of what Darth Vader looked like without his mask. Luke also learned that in The Empire Strikes Back, he'd totally kissed his own sister.

    Francine Pascal and her merry band of ghostwriters launched the Sweet Valley High series for preteen girls, which ran for 20 years and 152 books.

    The Dodge Caravan was first produced in November of 1983, featuring a boxy design, seating room for seven, and a family-friendly amount of space.

    Nintendo released the original Mario Bros. arcade game, unleashing the Italian plumbers Mario and Luigi into the game-playing world.

    13. HOOTERS
    Hooters launched its first restaurant in Clearwater, Florida on October 4, 1983.

    In 1983, Sony introduced its first Camcorder for consumer use.

    15. AOL
    AOL was founded in 1983. Their first product was "GameLine," a modem-based game service for the Atari.

    Apple released its Apple IIe personal computer and they produced it until late 1993. One of its banner features was the ability to display lowercase letters. (PREVIOUS MODELS USED ALL CAPS.)

    Stephen King's 1983 novel Pet Sematary was inspired by a real pet cemetery where the author's daughter Naomi buried her cat Smucky in 1978.

    Though Xavier Roberts's hand-sewn "Little Person" dolls were first available for adoption in 1976, the official launch (and the height of their popularity) came in 1983.

    On April 18, 1983 at 7am, the Disney Channel launched with Good Morning, Mickey!, a 30-minute compilation program featuring classic Disney shorts and a brief fitness segment called Mousercize.

    Original episodes of Reading Rainbow ran from 1983 through 2006.

    21. THE A-TEAM
    The first episode of The A-Team aired on NBC on January 23, 1983. The series would end on December 30, 1986.

  • Best Facebook Idea Ever?

    Posted by AJ

    A man in Connecticut has raised $5,000 online to fund his trip to visit all 788 of his Facebook friends in person.

    Ty Morin started his "Friend Request: Accepted" project, which he is funding with donations on Kickstarter.com.

    His goal is to "reconnect with people" because he's tired of "hiding behind the screen of social media."

    He plans to take a picture of each person performing an activity they love.

    How many would you have to meet?

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