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  • Scientific Proof, Women Like THIS Better...

    Posted by AJ

    It took a scientific study to prove what everybody already knew: women prefer men with bigger 'packages'.

    But it's not just about sexual pleasure, it turns out women are physically attracted to longer ‘members'.

    The study gave women different model body types and they had to anonymously rate how attractive they found each model.

    The result?

    The longer the package, the more attractive the man was to the woman.

    While some try to blame this on the media or pornography, scientists think that it might be a subconscious evolutionary preference.

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  • Top 10 Things About Your Significant Other You Didn't Know

    Posted by AJ

    Here are the Top 10 things they found:

    1. Women snoop...A lot--If you already know your date's education and work history before you get to the restaurant, you're not alone. 48 percent of single women look someone up on Facebook before a first date.

    2. Sex doesn't end after marriage--Worried about your sex life plummeting after you tie the knot? Don't worry, 41 percent of married couples had sex at least once a week last year. And better yet: Married women think about sex even more often than single women.

    3. Money troubles ruin your mojo--A bad credit score can screw up more than just your financial future--it can mess with your love life. 65 percent of singles wouldn't date someone who was over $5,000 in debt.

    4. Singles are better communicators--Communication is important for good sex, but singles have the upper hand on this one. Married men and women are less likely to bring up intimacy concerns than their single counterparts.

    5. Most people want to get married--Even though singlehood seems to be getting longer and longer, most people still believe in getting married someday. In fact, 9 out of 10 singles are optimistic about marriage.

    6. Hookups are hot right now--Having a no--strings--attached hookup isn't so scandalous anymore: 47% of singles have been involved in a friends--with--benefits relationship. And only 37 percent of single women wait until they're in an exclusive relationship before sleeping with a new partner.

    7. Your FWB may be BF material--Just because casual sex is on the rise, that doesn't mean serious bonds are going away. 44 percent of singles have had a friends--with--benefits fling turn into a long--term relationship.

    8. Orgasms aren't everything--Even though single women climax less often than single men, they may be enjoying it more. 49 percent of single women say they're satisfied with their sex lives, compared to just 44 percent of single men.

    9. He actually wants to meet the parents--Taking a new guy to meet your mom and dad isn't a deal breaker. 48 percent of men want to meet a woman's parents before they become exclusive.

    10. Your sexts are never really safe--Unfortunately, 23 percent of singles who received a sext have shared it with others.


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  • Would You Wear This?

    Posted by AJ

    Today's fashion forward brides are ditching the pure white dress for the sexy black one.

    Apparently, the dark shade is now a-ok for wedding wear.

    The fashion industry are blaming designer Vera Wang and pop star Lady Gaga for the trend - but even Sara Jessica Parker wore black to wed Matthew Broderick in 1997.


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  • If You Are Overweight And Married, Here's Why...

    Posted by AJ

    A happy marriage can lead to a couple putting on weight.


    Because happy newlyweds are less motivated to attract an alternative mate.

    Researchers tracked the marital satisfaction and weight of 169 couples over four years.

    According to a psychologist who led the study: ‘On average, spouses who were more satisfied with their marriage were less likely to consider leaving their marriage, and they gained more weight over time.

    ‘In contrast, couples who were less satisfied in their relationship tended to gain less weight over time.'

    Can't we have BOTH?!

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  • Top 5 Smartphones

    Posted by AJ

    Why is it that as soon as you get a new phone, you see someone else who has a better one?


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  • Celebrity Has Now GAINED 65lbs...

    Posted by AJ

    Kim Kardashian has reportedly gained 65 pounds during her pregnancy.

    The reality star has been denying rumors that she's gained a lot of weight, but the new issue of In Touch magazine claims that she's binging on fattening foods to deal with all of the emotions that she's been feeling lately.

    An insider claims that "she's eating her feelings" because she is upset that her boyfriend and "baby daddy" Kanye West is in Paris during her pregnancy, while she is alone in Los Angeles.

    The close friend adds, "She'd already gained 45 to 50 when she still had four months to go! This is a time when she needs Kanye the most, and he's not there."

    Another family friend says, "She's lonely and feels fat. She's terrified she'll never get her body back."


    ** Meanwhile, she's been spotted at several different eateries, enjoying calorie-filled meals including In n' Out Burger and fancy Italian restaurants.

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  • Look What's 40 Years Old!

    Posted by AJ

    The cellphone turns 40-years-old this week. 

    This week in 1973, an inventor made the first call on a mobile phone using a prototype Motorola DynaTac.

    The historic call took place in New York City and the inspiration came from Captain Kirk's famous flip-top communicator from the "Star Trek" TV series.

    The original DynaTac was 10 inches long and weighed 2.5 pounds.  Now, most modern smartphones weigh between four and six ounces.

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  • Baseball Stadium Food. WOW!

    Posted by AJ

    With today being the opening day for baseball, many fans will flock to their favorite stadium.

    However, a day at the ballpark can get pricey, especially if you include the cost of food and drink to get through nine innings.

    Mets fans at New York's Citi Field shell out the most for a regular hot dog at $6.25 a pop, while Cincinnati Reds' fans can get a hot dog at Great American BallPark for what appears to be the cheapest rate of all- just a dollar.

    Thirsty fans pay the most at Washington Nationals games where the cheapest beer available is a 16-ounce can for $8.

    For $4, beer drinkers can get a 12-ounce draft at Cleveland Indians games, while the best deal seems to be a 14-ounce beer for $4 at Arizona Diamondbacks' Chase Field.


    Unique food options:

    At Giants games, seafood lovers can enjoy an $8.75 bread bowl of clam chowder or a $16.50 crab sandwich on San Francisco sourdough bread. For those with a sweet tooth, the stadium offers a $10 Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae in homage to San Francisco's famous Ghirardelli Square.

    At Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers fans can buy a variety of fried options, including a $7 deep-fried red hot sausage on a stick and a $5 package of deep-fried peanuts.

    Minnesota Twins fans can enjoy "state fair classics" like fried pickles ($7.50) and turkey drumsticks ($9.75) at Target Field in Minneapolis.

    Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, is home to a $26 monster of a hot dog dubbed the "Boomstick," a 2-foot-long beef hot dog, smothered in chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos and caramelized onions on a potato bun.

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  • The Grossest Thing In Baseball Is...

    Posted by AJ

    Alex Rodriguez making more this year than all the Houston Astros combined!

    And he won't even play the first half of the season -- if at all.

    A-Rod's $29 million salary tops the major leagues for the 13th consecutive season.

    Rodriguez's Yankees are on track to have the highest payroll on Opening Day for the 15th straight year, climbing above the Los Angeles Dodgers to a projected $228 million with this week's acquisition of Vernon Wells.

    With teams due to set Opening Day rosters Sunday, the Yankees' payroll will be nearly 10 times the spending of the Astros, who have shrunk their payroll to about $25 million.

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  • Do You Do THIS 14 Times a Day? Yes.

    Posted by AJ

    People with smartphones check their Facebook page nearly 14 times a day on average. 

    The poll found 79% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. 

    Facebook is the third most popular app on smartphones, after email and the web browser.

    And on average, people visit the Facebook page 13.8 times during the day, for two minutes and 22 seconds each time.


    ** The gym is the most popular people check their Facebook on their phones.

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