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  • SICK! "Boston Massacre" Shirts From Nike?

    Posted by AJ

    Nike has yanked T-shirts that said "Boston Massacre" in the aftermath of last week's bombings.

    The shirts, which featured blood-splattered lettering, were designed for New York Yankees fans.

    The "Boston Massacre" phrase has been used to describe a late-season sweep of the Red Sox back in 1978. The Yankees ended up winning the World Series that year.

    Nike says its "confident the product has been removed from distribution."



  • Women Want You To Spend THIS Much On A Ring!

    Posted by AJ

    Research has found that a third of modern brides-to-be are pitching in and helping their partner pay for the cost of her ring in order to get the one that they want.

    One in five say they have downsized the wedding itself in order to up the price on their ring.

    While women polled thought an average $2,600 was what men should pay for their ring - men actually guessed a bit higher at $3,000.

    Women also said the more money a man earns the more she expects him to spend on the ring.



  • PHOTO: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Girlfriend

    Posted by AJ

    Arnold Schwarzenegger wined and dined his new girlfriend in Beverly Hills on Saturday night.

    The 65-year-old treated physical therapist, Heather Milligan, to meal at Spago Restaurant.


    Maria Shriver filed for divorce in July 2011 after discovering he fathered a child with the family maid, but it is still not finalized.



  • PHOTO: Reese Witherspoon Mugshot TMZ

    Posted by AJ


    (TMZ) Reese Witherspoon pulled her celebrity card out while her husband was getting arrested for DUI, telling the officer who ended up busted her, "You're about to find out who I am."

    The arrests went down in Atlanta early Friday morning. Cops say they spotted Reese and her husband Jim Toth's car -- a silver Ford Fusion -- weaving in and out of lanes, so they pulled them over. 

    As officers dealt with Jim, Reese allegedly started acting up, telling cops, "Do you know my name?" The officer answered by saying, "No, I don't need to know your name."

    Witherspoon then came back with, "You're about to find out who I am ... You are going to be on national news."

    During Jim's arrest, Reese allegedly became ornery, demonstrating visual and verbal frustration over how long it was taking to arrest her husband. At one point, she got out of her car and the officer ordered her back inside. When she got out a second time, he arrested her for disorderly conduct, a municipal ordinance.

    They were both taken to jail, booked, and released a short time later. 

    As for Toth's part of the arrest ... the officer in the report described him by saying his "eye lids were droopy" and his eyes were "blood shot and watery." The officer said he smelled a "strong odor" of alcohol coming from Toth.

    The officer stated that Toth told him he only had one drink ... but when given a Breathalyzer test, Toth's blood alcohol level was .139.

    In Reese's defense maybe she played the celeb card because she had as much to drink as her hubby. Just sayin' ...

  • Men Want Their Women To...

    Posted by AJ

    New online research (from the UK's VoucherCodesPro) shows that almost a quarter of men want their partner to have cosmetic surgery to improve their looks.

    And liposuction is at the top of their list (57%).

    When asked if they'd like their partner to have cosmetic surgery, 24% said yes, while 19% were unsure, and 19% said no.

    Just over a tenth said they'd actually tell their partner they'd like them to have surgery.


    Boys' surgery wish list

    1. Liposuction - 57%
    2. Breast enlargement - 49%
    3. Dental Surgery - 42%
    4. Nose job - 38%
    5. Botox to remove wrinkles - 34%

  • Rihanna Pregnant??

    Posted by AJ

    Rumors are spreading quickly that Rihanna is expecting a child after management team forced her to cancel four concerts off her Diamonds World Tour. She is said to be dealing with medical issues.

    Rihanna's reps say she is ill with the flu.

    Tabloid stories are speculating that she's pregnant.



  • Top 10 Things From The 90's That Should Make A Comeback

    Posted by AJ

    Here are 10 things from the 90's that should make a comeback.


    1. Slap bracelets
    2. The hair - from "the Rachel" to the bowl cut
    3. Light up sneakers
    4. Hammer pants
    5. Unhealthy snacks - remember Gushers?
    6. Moon shoes
    7. Movies with theme songs - think Space Jam and Men In Black
    8. Carmen Sandiego
    9. Mix Tapes
    10. Pogs




  • Some Married People Wouldn't Even Do This...

    Posted by AJ

    An increasing number of couples are going so far as to join their Facebook and Twitter accounts together.

    Rather than being a sign that these couples are too co-dependent, some suggest it's the modern-day version of opening a shared a bank account.

    According to one psychotherapist, couples who join social media accounts have a strong identity around who they belong to and who belongs to them.

    He explained, "Obviously Facebook has tapped into a massive amount of interest in people wanting to present themselves as individuals."

    He added, "But some people may wish to portray an image of themselves as the couple - they may feel more comfortable with their joint identity."

    He also noted that, "Some individuals may use it more separately because they feel more comfortable having their identity in their separate self rather than their couple self."



  • 14-Life Changing Inventions From The Last 20 Years...

    Posted by AJ

    1. The Internet

    Remember Encyclopedias? Yeah, that was life 20 years ago.

    2. Email

    Has this bettered our world, or worsened our attention spans?

    3. MP3 Players

    Gone are the days of rollerblading around with our portable CD players.

    4. DVDs

    Wait, but does anyone actually use these?

    5. Gameboys

    Can someone explain what Pokemon are???

    6. Digital Cameras

    If cell phones were invented too, why do we need digital cameras? How many things are we supposed to want pictures of?!

    7. iPads

    So the future is smudged screens and endless digital keyboard playing? We're in!

    8. GPS

    You mean there's a solution to the nightmare that is family road trips?!

    9. The Wii

    What? We can actually play tennis in our living room? But why would we want to?

    10. Youtube

    There's a website just full of cat videos? That's pretty amazing.

    11. Furby

    How has this happened?!?!

    12. Hybrid Cars

    These come with tax deductions!!!

    13. E-Book Readers

    What was wrong with books before??

    14. Google Glass

    Yep, it's official. George Orwell was right.



  • Are You Ready For The "Breastaurant"?

    Posted by AJ

    A Texas-based sports bar has trademarked the name "breastaurant".

    Hooters didn't buy the name, so Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill in Houston is America's only "breastaurant".

    That could be bad news for Hooters, Tilted Kilt, and other places that feature scantily clad waitresses.

    Hooters is in danger of losing its top spot, but they don't seem too concerned that they can't legally call themselves a "breastaurant". They claim it's a "moniker that's too shallow to define Hooters."

    Bring Grandma!



  • Woman Wakes Up From 5-Year Coma...And Wants THIS!

    Posted by AJ

    A 79-year-old woman spent five years in a vegetative state. She miraculously came out of her coma and the first thing she said was that she wanted to see a Bob Seger concert. Her wish is finally coming true.

    The woman's first words after waking from the coma were: "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert."

    She had been in the five-year semi coma after falling and hitting her head on the floor. For two years, she waited for a Bob Seger concert. That time has finally come and she is ready with her concert tickets and an invitation for an after party at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan tomorrow night.

    The dinner after the concert will include the band members, crew, management and their families. No word on if Seger himself will attend.

    Read more here