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  • Best Stress Reliever EVER!

    Posted by AJ

    The Dammit Doll is a plush, 12 inch, human-shaped doll flying off Florida shelves.

    It's being marketed as something you can hit when you'd rather hit the person that drives you crazy.

    While psychologists say if you have the need to hit something daily you might want to assess what it is that's causing the issues, it sure beats domestic disputes and road rage. Some also argue that it might have the opposite effect and encourage violence.

    With two-thirds of adolescents experiencing anger attacks, it seems the doll might be a good alternative for people of all ages.

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  • Wanna Fight the Flu? Try This!

    Posted by AJ

    Jeni's ice cream is now offering an 'Influenza Sorbet' that is said to help with symptoms such as sore throat, body aches and stuffy nasal passages.

    The ice cream contains Maker's Mark whiskey, cayenne pepper, ginger, honey and fruit juices--all things said to help with flu symptoms.

    COST: $12.

    Get it HERE


  • Women (or Men) How To Fake Like You Know About Sports...

    Posted by AJ

    If you don't know your first down from your first base or your offside from your backside, check out these tips:


    1- Choose a team

    Of course it's okay not to have a favorite team, but if you're just looking to fake your way through a conversation, the easiest way is either pick your local team.

    One you pick a team, check the team's results on the web, then sympathize with fellow fans when your adopted team sucks and slap them on the back when the team wins.

    2- Learn who to hate.

    Usually the team to hate also happens to be the league's biggest, richest, and most successful team.  Find out who this team is and complain loudly about them at every opportunity.

    It'll endear you to your fellow fans, and you'll score instant non-bandwagon credibility.

    3- Embrace statistics.

    The single most important way to sound like you know about sports is to rattle off statistics. Lots of them. Throw them around with reckless abandon. Blind your audience with science.

    4. Learn the jargon

    Every sport comes with its own vocabulary, one that's often rich and poetic in its own way. Using it instantly makes you sound like you know what you're talking about.

    5. Learn the truisms

    Sport also comes with its own philosophy, one that can basically be boiled down as follows: it's the unglamorous, unflashy aspects of the game that win championships. This exact nature of this idea varies from sport to sport depending on the nature of the game, but is often expressed as a convenient catchphrase. (Golf, for instance: "Drive for show, putt for dough.") Deploy this piece of homespun wisdom judiciously every so often during the course of the game you're watching. Nod while doing so.

    6. Read Moneyball

    It's a great read even if you're not remotely interested in baseball. It'll also give you one ready-made topic of conversation with pretty much every sports fan you'll ever meet — either enthusing about how good it is with people who've read it, or extolling its virtues to people who haven't.

    7. Complain about the referee

    The one thing that every sport in the entire universe has in common: no-one likes the poor old ref. Complain about his/her performance vociferously. Everyone will agree with you.

    8. Learn the rules

    Still, if you're going to complain about the referee, you're going to have to know the rules. Just the basic ones, at least — every sport comes with its own weird quirks and loopholes and exceptions etc, and no-one's going to expect you to know all these… But at least know enough that you don't have to keep asking the difference between a charge and a block, or for someone to explain the offside rule to you again.

    9. Don't mention the Kardashians

    Seriously. No-one who actually likes sport gives the remotest semblance of a hoot about who Lamar Odom/Kris Humphries/etc is sleeping with.

    10. Conquer snobbery

    Lastly, and most importantly, stop faking it. Embrace sport. There's a pervasive view in society that sports are somehow lowbrow culture. This isn't true in the slightest. There is beauty in sports, and grace, and savagery, and compelling narratives and a million other things to hold your interest.

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  • What Women REALLY Want (REALLY?)

    Posted by AJ

    According to a (British) survey:

    A partner giving you a spontaneous cuddle topped a list of what makes women feel good.

    Eating cheese, buying nail varnish and wearing comfortable underwear also puts girls in a good frame of mind

    Read more HERE


  • Delicious? A Bacon Taco Shell?

    Posted by AJ

    A restaurant in Philadelphia constructed a taco shell out of ...  bacon!

    PYT restaurant will sell bacon taco shell tacos for a limited time. The burger joint will only make 20 bacon tacos per day, probably because the shells take some work to make.

    PYT's Facebook page explains that the tacos are filled with: "a taco seasoned beef burger, shredded cheddar & pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo and an avocado & cilantro ranch sauce."

    PYT employees can take credit for being the first fast-casual restaurant to serve a bacon taco shell, but they aren't the first people to come up with the idea. In fact, the bacon taco has been popular in the blogosphere for quite some time now. A quick search online found a bunch of different blog posts with pictures and directions for making a bacon taco shell.


    ** One site, bacontoday.com, suggests making the Bacos (their special name for the bacon tacos) by weaving a bacon shell out of raw bacon and then baking it in the oven over easily constructed homemade aluminum foil molds.


  • PIC! The Most Bootylicious Woman In The World...

    Posted by AJ

    A 420-pound mother of four from Los Angeles has the widest hips in the world…  measuring 8ft in circumference.

    She is comfortable with her shape. The 39-year-old says she sees no reason to diet because she doesn't have health problems.

    The woman drives a truck because she can't fit into a car. At home, she has to sit in steel-supported chairs and sleeps on a 7ft-wide bed.

    Her husband finds her unusual shape sexy and tells her every day just how beautiful she is. Others think so, too. She models for a Big Beautiful Women website and earns up to 1000 dollars per shoot.


  • PICS! Have You Done "Te'oing" Yet?

    Posted by AJ

    The hoax involving the nonexistent girlfriend of Notre Dame star Manti Te'o now gets its own meme.Guys are posting photos of themselves with an arm wrapped around ... nothing.

    ...and here's ME:

  • Here's Proof Facebook Might Be Over...

    Posted by AJ

    Facebook may have finally hit its peak.

    According to MarketWatch, the number of Americans using Facebook fell by almost 1.4 million in early December.

    Experts think Facebook is possibly getting to a point where the "less engaged" part of the audience doesn't visit every 30 days. That means the social network has very little room to grow.

    Facebook still has more than 1 billion users worldwide and 167 million in the United States alone, so they can afford to lose 1.4 million.

    The question is what will happen if a loss like that becomes regular?

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  • 25 Crazy and Scary Things Found on Travelers By the TSA

    Posted by AJ

    These travelers are the reason why we all need to be patted-down, swabbed, searched, and x-rayed.

    Here are 25 weird things people actually tried to bring on planes.

    • Yes, snakes on a plane. Someone tried to bring dead, venemous snakes with them.
    • Saw blades tucked in an iPad.
    • A gassed-up chainsaw.
    • Thousands of loaded guns.
    • A grenade being passed as a paperweight.
    • Grenades being passed as just grenades.
    • Weed inside a jar of peanut butter.
    • Flasks filled with black powder.
    • Cannonballs.
    • A stun gun.
    • IED explosives.
    • An IED, shaped like a watch.
    • An old fashioned powder horn.
    • A chastity belt.
    • Samuri swords.
    • Almost 200 live fish.
    • A knife mounted to a walker.
    • Throwing stars.
    • A replica of historical artillery.
    • Replica mines.
    • A VCR containing 23 smart phones, individually wrapped in tin foil.
    • A grenade launcher. Though the grenade was not included.
    • A can of mace meant to take down a bear.
    • Wire garrot.
    • A pistol hidden inside...Mickey Mouse.
  • VIDEO: Selena Gomez...Drunk or Not?

    Posted by AJ

    People are saying she is very drunk in this video.  I'm not picking up on it.  Which is probably why I'm not a cop.

    Drunk or not?


  • Rihanna Posted Semi-Nude Pics On Twitter

    Posted by AJ

    Rihanna is sharing semi-naked pics of herself from a new photo shoot.

    She uploaded 13 images from her Complex "Full Exposure" photo shoot onto Twitter, including her showing her chest as she pulls a T-shirt from her body. Only her hands keep her from being topless.

    Another shot shows Rihanna showing her legs as she bends over to use her laptop.

    When asked about love for posting pics of herself on Instagram, Rihanna said: "It's narcissistic, but whatever - everyone does it. I'm capturing personality. Everybody has their thing they like or don't like to see. It's all in your head. That's why people take their own pictures, because it's difficult for someone else to capture what you seek."

    I'm starting to REALLY not understand this lady.

    Read (and SEE) more HERE


  • Are You A Same-Sider??

    Posted by AJ

    Are you a same-sider? That's restaurant lingo for a couple who decide to sit on the same side of the table as opposed to sitting across from each other when they go out to eat.

    Same-siders tend to signal to your waitress that you are going to be a troublesome table. Apparently these couples are more common to linger at tables, and sitting on the same side can cause seating difficulties for other tables around them.

    Also difficult to the people around you? Apparently they think you look awkward and creepy sitting next to their date instead of across from them.


    What about when a server sits down at your table and takes your order? 


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