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Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship

by Randy Shannon

Many family farms are passed down from generation to generation, but more and more often farmers find themselves running their farms with no one to pass it down to.  Farming is a learned trade that is solidified by experience.  So, if you didn't grow up on a farm, how do you learn the trade?

There is a new grassroots movement in Wisconsin that could be very exciting for Dairy farmers across the state.  It's called the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and it's unique to Wisconsin.  Students in the apprenticeship spend two years on a farm alongside a seasoned farmer and attending courses at local colleges.  

Here is a piece on the program from a local tv station in LaCrosse:

For now this program is the only one of it's kind in the nation, but I for one would like to see the program spread nationwide.