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Crop Calculator for Corn

by Randy Shannon

Now, a simple trip to the Android store on your smartphone can help you with your corn crop calculations.  Go to the Google Play store and search Crop Calculators    It's a free android app created by the NPM program and based on research data from Joe Lauer, UWEX corn argonomist.

Here's a screenshot:

There is a Silage Moisture Cost Adjuster that allows you see how the price per ton of silage will change depending on the percent of moisture.

A Maturity Date Predictor uses the tassel date to give you date ranges for 50% kernel milk and black layer.

Finally, the Grain Yield Estimator estimates the number of bushels per acre based on the density of your field in plants.

You can even create and share the reports by using the email report function.  Usefull information in the palm of your hand.