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Hometown: Brewtown, baby!!

Birthday: December 17th

When I can't sleep: I dream about how someday I listen to recordings of my show...puts me right to sleep. (So, I fall asleep to myself...weird hey?)

My parents were right about: Lambeau field being the best place on earth!

I don't care how it's made, I still do not like: Marshmellow peeps...or anything banana.

My favorite Holiday memory is: Taking the Christmas lights down on the 4th of July.

Have you reached your potential? I believe that to be a personal question.

Favorite Quote: Brett, will you becoming back for another year? Brett: "I don't know".

What do you forget the most? What was the question?

Clock radio, or alarm? Rooster.

Favorite radio memory: When Brett Favre got to meet me. I guess he was really nervous. :)

Worst part about your job? Knowing that I'll never be able to smell as good as our Diva.

The greatest surprise in life? When I saw my first paycheck in radio (and last week's check)